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General & Family Dentist in Highland Village, TX

Dr. Richardson and our team are pleased to serve patients of all ages. We are passionate about providing you and your family with the care you need to reach and keep healthy smiles; come visit our trusted and experienced family dentist in Highland Village, TX.

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General and family dentistry encompasses several dental treatments that are aimed at helping you achieve and maintain optimal oral health for a lifetime. Whether you are bringing your child for a simple dental checkup or you are in need of a more complex restorative procedure like root canal treatment, we are here to care for your family’s smiles. Our experienced dentist is pleased to provide comprehensive general and family dentistry to meet all of your dental needs and goals for a healthy, beautiful smile.

Our Dental Services

We encourage our patients to visit us at least once every six months. During these routine appointments, we will provide a thorough dental cleaning and exam to make sure that your smile is in good health. Depending on your individual dental needs, you may need to come to our office more often. If you notice any type of dental pain or damage, or if you experience a dental emergency, we urge you to contact us as soon as possible to receive the high-quality dental care you need. To learn more about our dental services and to schedule your family’s next visit to our friendly office, we welcome you to contact us today. We are eager to care for you!

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Do I Need to Visit a Family Dentist in Highland Village, TX?

The answer is – yes; even if you’re not experiencing any symptoms of gum disease or tooth decay, it’s important to visit Dr. Richardson for a thorough cleaning and examination. Your teeth can still accumulate tartar that harbors bacteria, even with good daily oral habits like flossing and brushing. The bacteria can lead to tooth decay and gum disease if not detected early enough by your dentist.

What Should I Expect During My Dentist Visit?

Generally, your visit will consist of an inspection of the condition of your teeth. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Dr. Richardson may need to order x-rays of your mouth if you’ve not been to a dentist in a while.
  • Your oral hygienist will use special metal tools to scrape away any tartar along your gum line.
  • Dr. Richardson will review your x-rays and discuss any symptoms you may have been experiencing.
  • Dr. Richardson will recommend treatment if necessary and answer any questions you have.

Is It Necessary to Visit the Family Dentist if My Family & Myself Do Not Have Any Serious Dental Symptoms?

Dr. Richardson recommends that you and your family visit our office here in Highland Village, TX, every six months for oral maintenance and routine checkups. This includes dental exams and routine cleanings, even though you may not have dental concerns for you and your family. These visits simply prevent any future dental issues.

How Often Should My Child See the Dentist?

Children should see Dr. Richardson twice a year for routine exams and cleanings. During your child’s first dental exam, Dr. Richardson will determine how often they need dental visits based on the state of their oral health. When your child’s permanent teeth come in, it’s important to take note that permanent teeth can be susceptible to decay when they first erupt. This usually occurs in children between the ages of six and eight, and it’s important to maintain regular check-ups to avoid any possible dental issues.

What Are Dental Sealants & Why Does My Child Need Them?

Sealants are thin, protective coatings placed over teeth to protect the surfaces of the back teeth from developing cavities. Sealants can be a great way to prevent cavities in conjunction with regular brushing and flossing for your child.

How Can I Prevent Dental Decay for My Family?

If you start good oral hygiene habits now, you can save your family money, time, and discomfort. Every family member should be brushing their teeth twice daily with ADA-approved fluoride toothpaste. It’s also important to floss at least once a day. 

Dr. Richardson recommends avoiding any whitening toothpaste as extended use can wear down your enamel layer. It should be encouraged after meals to rinse mouths with water to clear away food particles and acids.

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How Often Should I Brush & Floss My Teeth?

As recommended by The American Dental Association, you should brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time with fluoridated toothpaste. It is recommended to floss between your teeth at least once a day.

Can I Straighten My Teeth as an Adult?

The answer is – yes, you can! As an adult, it can be embarrassing to have crooked or missing teeth, and it can have a negative effect on your mental and physical health. Adults over 50 can even benefit from treatment from Dr. Richardson.
Thanks to advanced technology – uncomfortable traditional braces aren’t the only option anymore. Products such as ClearCorrect or Invisalign® are a pain-free, discreet way to straighten your teeth in a short period of time and allow you to maintain confidence during and after treatment.

Is Fluoride Safe?

Fluoride is safe and is a natural element found in water, soil, and air. Fluoride is added to many water supplies to help prevent cavities in the population, but it can be toxic in toothpaste if large amounts are consumed. It’s important to never swallow toothpaste, but the fluoride in water is safe for consumption and beneficial to your overall health.
Fluoride also strengthens teeth by mixing with the mineral found in the enamel layer of your teeth. This makes teeth stronger and less likely to mineral decay and leaeching.

Is Fluoride Toothpaste Safe for Babies & Toddlers?

A tiny amount of fluoride is safe for small children. No more than the size of a grain of rice should be applied to a soft brush. Children around three years of age can spit the toothpaste out, so a pea-sized amount is recommended. Children need to be monitored during oral hygiene routines until they are six years old because they are still learning their swallowing reflexes.

Can Teeth Whitening Damage My Teeth?

Teeth whitening products for at-home use can contain chemicals that your teeth and gums will be sensitive to. There’s a chance that your gums can be burned, and you can also harm your tooth enamel. It’s best to speak to Dr. Richardson about a suitable teeth whitening treatment under her care for your unique smile.

How Can I Stop Myself From Clenching My Jaw?

Dr. Richardson can happily fit a mouthguard for you to protect your teeth from grinding during your sleep. If your jaw is clenching due to stress, ask Dr. Richardson to prescribe a muscle relaxant because this is beneficial in preventing jaw clenching.

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